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RSS Reader Issues

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Today I’ve been spending quite a bit of time on WordPress, trying to find new blogs to follow, liking posts, and making comments.  I’ve used the WordPress Reader for years to follow other blogs and keep up with some of my favorite writers.

However, I am having issues and I can’t seem to figure out a work-around.

Many of the blogs I like to follow are not blogs, they are self-hosted blogs.  No problem, simply enter the RSS feed into the WP Reader and follow the blogs, right?

Except it’s not working.

I know that I can have new blog posts (from self-hosted or blogs) sent to my email.  However, I prefer to read through the WP Reader, rather than having a ton of emails clogging up my inbox.  So I go into the Reader ‘manage’ and turn off all the email notifications.  I get the blog posts in the Reader, and my inbox is organized. Win-win, right?

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Emails off

It would be, but for the fact that some of the self-hosted blogs are NOT showing up in my Reader.  I received 8 emails on a blog I recently followed, so I know there have been posts published.  But when I go back into my Reader (even allowing for the additional time it takes for those posts to show up in the Reader), they are not there. At all.

I don’t want to have to use yet another app to read blogs on my devices.

So how do I get these blogs to show in my Reader?

Is it something in the way the self-hosted blogs are set up that keeps them from showing in the reader unless I send them to email?


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