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I Can’t Find You

i-cant-find-youI’m having one of those days where I feel out of sync with everything.  And, for whatever reason, I’m really struggling with using WordPress.

Not only am I being forced to use the new (and so far icky) post editor, I can’t seem to figure out how to search/find/follow interesting blogs.

It’s not that complicated, right? You put in a search term, like photography or yoga or baking or whatever, and then find blog posts about those topics, so that you can follow them.

Except I’m not having much luck.  I mean, when I only get about 10 hits using the search term “photography,” I MUST be doing something wrong.  10 hits? Surely there are more people writing about photography than that!

Am I just looking in the wrong place? Are blogs no longer the ‘thing’?  Should I be looking on Instagram or YouTube or SnapChat for interesting people to follow?

If you’re writing about photography, digital art, creativity, art, writing, blogging, or books (just to name a few topics), I’d love to follow your blog.  How do I find it?



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6 thoughts on “I Can’t Find You

  1. The WordPress site ‘Discover’ is a good way of finding interesting posts …you just sign up and they appear in your reader …it’s an eclectic mix of blogs but if you like a post ….check out some more from the particular blog to see if they interest you …and if they do just ‘follow’

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      1. Hmmmm …..well I guess another way to find new blogs is to have a look at those that have ‘liked’ on blogs you are already following ……if you’re enjoying a particular blog ….chances are that others ‘like’ ing posts on it might appeal to you also

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